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Cakes to order

My cakes are simple, tried and tested recipes. They have no additives and are made with organic and local ingredients wherever possible.

I have always had a sweet tooth but feel that goodness should not be sacrificed for that decadent moment. The cakes are sweet but are also nutritious, wholesome and fun. Often a cake can be transformed into a pudding simply by warming it up and serving with a ladle of sauce. For my Swiss grandmother a few rich chocolate truffles served on a pretty dessert plate would be sheer heaven after a meal.

Birthday cakes

can be made to order so do call me for advice - especially if you have any particular dietary needs.


flapjackI have been making flapjacks for years commercially, and for family and friends. A popular treat for adults and children.

Varieties include:
Honey & Sultana
Peanut & raisin
Syrup flapjacks

Tray of 12@ £18 (not including p&p - see below)

chocolate vegan cake with fudge icing

Vegan cholate cakeRich, luxurious and vegan... Can't be bad! A cake that is decadent and moist. Can be served with a cup of tea or as a pudding.

Ingredients include nuts and creamed coconut.

Serves 10 people @ £20 a loaf (not including p&p - see below)

chocolate pecan vegan cake

chocolate pecan vegan cakeRich, luxurious and vegan!

Ingredients include nuts and creamed coconut.

9" round iced cake @ £18

apricot / date slices

apricot & date sliceSugar-free/dairy-free robust apricot or date slices. Wonderful taste and simply fab!

Tray of 12@ £18 (not including p&p - see below)

chocolate truffles

chocolate trufflesSumptuous, dark, smooth melt-in-the-mouth truffles. Only for the serious chocolate lovers!

135g @ £6.75(not including p&p - see below)


baklavaThe best baklava I have ever tasted was made with fresh crushed walnuts and Greek honey. On our holidays to Crete one year a lovely grandmother at the local taverna sat under an olive tree one summer crushing the walnuts and by the evening warm baklava oozing with Greek honey was served. I like my baklava always warm and not too sickly, served with organic double cream. Yum!

9 portions @ £18(not including p&p - see below)


I am now baking a fantastic range of cupcakes made to order and to your specific requirements. Simply choose your favourite combination of cake, topping and decoration and watch them fly. Price on request starting at £1.50 per cake.


payment / p&p

Payment by cheque or cash in advance plus a delivery charge dependent on area.
Deliveries in Central Brighton are FREE.


Call Kate on 01273 885374, or complete the online contact form.